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Don’t know the difference between ISO and UFO? Learn the ins and outs of your camera and how to capture those precious everyday moments of your child and family with a course at Photobrats in Shepherd’s Bush. Local mum and founder of Photobrats, Cinzia D’Ambrosi, is a documentary and portrait photographer. Her desire to document has taken her to many places; she has covered a vast array of assignments and has developed long term projects around the world as well as freelanced for portrait studios in central London and Reykjavik.

WLM recently caught up with Cinzia of Photobrats:

What is Photobrats?
Photobrats is a combination of Portrait Photography for children and families and a place for exciting photography courses for mothers. Photobrats aims to deliver a fresh and contemporary approach to portrait photography where a combination of reportage and classical portraiture merge. It goes a long way to reflect the personality and the spontaneity of the subjects and great attention is taken for the choice of location, props, type of imagery etc. Photobrats offers various photography courses for mothers from Introduction to Digital Photography, Portraiture and Documentary Photography. The Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop is a hands on course that teaches the basic techniques of photography with lots of tips and exercises to improve taking pictures of your favourite subject…for instance your kids!

What inspired you to Photobrats?
I am a mother of two and I feel privileged that I have not given up my work and my ambitions through motherhood. I have heard countless of times mothers that speak of having had ambitions been put aside after the birth of their children and of their isolation particularly in the first years. For various reasons for some mothers the opportunity to gain practical skills and encouragement needed to push forth a creative career has been way out of reach. Photobrats courses encourage mothers to come out and have fun while learning, improving or refreshing on their photography and if possible to be the first step for a future career in a creative field.

What challenges have you faced with your business?
Finding the appropriate places/venues to introduce Photobrats.

What advice do you have for taking the perfect picture of children?
I encourage anyone taking pictures of a child to think that the picture is about who the child is and not of what the child is doing. For this, I advice to take some time before hand to talk to the child, be out of the way and watch for clues that give away his/her personality. When ready to shoot, again, try to be out of the way as much as possible and use a zoom lens.

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