My Tattoo Blogger Photoshoot With Lewis David Photography

One of the most rewarding things (perhaps the single most rewarding thing in fact) about running a blog in your spare time is that you are given the opportunity to meet other inspiring individuals. I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week – about the amazing, selfless individuals that contribute to the UK’s blogging community. I was recently confirmed as a finalist in the UK Blog Awards  and I’ve been chatting to the awards’ PR team this week. I said to them – doing something you are so enthusiastic about every day, with a not-for-profit dedication, can be tough at times. It takes up every spare moment of your life, outside of your bill-paying, “grown-up” job.

But then every so often you cross paths with others in the same boat, it makes you feel part of something special, and you’re all of a sudden reminded of why you invest time in that thing you have a passion for. For the last few years I’ve been spending time with (and chatting regularly to) other bloggers, independent businesses, artists, tattooists, writers, vloggers and photographers… who all work exceptionally hard on doing their thing, not because it makes them a fortune, but because they love it.

I recently met photographer Lewis David Membery whilst documenting an epic tattoo project being undertaken by artist Max Rathbone at his studio in Birmingham. If you missed the blog on this, seriously. Chatting to Lewis afterwards, I discovered that his capturing Max at work was part of a recent project of his, in which he is capturing these aforementioned “creatives at work”.

“I’m starting a new photo series called THE DAY OF A CREATIVE,” says Lewis. “It will include behind the scenes shots of all sorts of different creative people doing what they do best. Whether viagra for sale with no prescription they be tattooists, writers, photographers or producers, the idea of the series is to give you an idea of all the hard work these people put in to doing what they love and making it a career.” When he asked me if I wanted to be photographed too, I jumped with joy! Firstly, his photos were beautiful, and secondly, I was in desperate need of some recent shots for my own writing portfolio.

We met this week, I drank a few Americanos, posed awkwardly, and the results were spectacular! Thank you Lewis for these awesome new shots. I have felt awkward being photographed before but Lewis instructed me to get on with my daily business and ignore his presence… it really did the trick and I appear completely at ease (my usual, frowning-OK-OK-so-he-got-a-couple-of-smiles-out-of-me-in-the-end-self)! Working with other creative minds always reminds me that we’re all in the same boat, and doing what we love every day is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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