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Lisa Brown, is a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians. Her ancestors were from Southern Oregon and Northern California. The Tribes or Bands of her family include, Tututuni, from the Rogue River area located in Southern Oregon, and Shasta and Pitt River Modoc, from Northern California & near the Southern Oregon border, plus Hoopa which is located in Northern California.

As a Tribal member and Certified Prevention Specialist Lisa can fully understand the struggle that Native people face to exist in the world today. It is her traditional knowledge gained through the generosity of numerous elders and spiritual teachings, that help her to strive for the balance that is necessary at this time. It is crucial that we realize as individuals, to share and respect, plus trying to be honest and kind. It is with this goal that she started her business, Native Creations.

Lisa has spent much of her time, acquiring the knowledge, skills & education to provide services to assist Tribal members to eliminate barriers , create plans for financial sufficiency, and to share info regarding concepts to assure emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. She owns and operates a business, that specializes in community workshops, plus teaching beading and how to make regalia, as well as selling the materials and supplies, and already made – custom designed jewelry. She represents local artists each year at the Siletz Powwow, plus teaching what she refers to as “Bead Therapy” lessons. Fore more information about Lisa, please read her resume.

Commissions include pieces shown in the following shows or are in collections of the following individuals: Bead Artistry, 1991, Oregon State Fair 2000, Indian Paintbrush Gallery 2001, Sable House Gallery 2002, Culture Shock Festival 1999-2004, Rick Bartow, Stan Speaks, Joe David, Vic Atiyeh, and Tribal/Government Representatives.

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